The Deutsch-Britische Gesellschaft promotes German-British discourse on cultural, political, social and economic topics. We organise conferences with decision-makers from both countries as well as lectures of British guest speakers in Germany. Please click "Publications" for conference reports, press releases and more. Click here to find the regional German-British Societies and their events.

Keynote Lecture Prof. Dr. Dieter Grimm

The debate about the legitimacy deficit of European institutions has reached a new high after the ‘Brexit’ decision of the United Kingdom in June 2016. While there is little doubt about the existence of the deficit, its reasons, and consequently the remedy to over-come it, are highly contested. In his talk, Professor Grimm explained that one of the most serious but also least known reasons is the European Union’s tendency to over-constitutionalise. … read more »

BREXIT Section

In our BREXIT section you will find research papers and news paper articles on the most important developments of the United Kingdom leaving the European Union.

The Deutsch-Britische Gesellschaft

The Deutsch-Britische Gesellschaft e.V. is a non-profit, non-partisan, non-governmental and politically independent registered association. Its aim is to promote German-British relations in all areas of public and cultural interest. ...  read more

History of the Deutsch-Britische Gesellschaft

The Gesellschaft's Founding in Postwar Germany 
The Deutsch-Englische Gesellschaft (German-English Society) was founded in 1949 upon the initiative of Lilo Milchsack and six other dedicated citizens of Dusseldorf. The Gesellschaft's aim was to restore good relations with neighbouring peoples, lead Germany back into the circle of western democracies and establish respectful rapport with the former war adversary. ...

British Embassy in Germany appreciates the DBG's work

Please click here for the British Embassy's coverage of the DBG's anniversaries.

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YKW Alumni

The Young Königswinter Alumni are past participants of the Jung Königswinter Conference. Seeking to build on this one-off experience and the many lasting friendships forged by this conference, past conference attendees founded the Young Königswinter Alumni. ... read more