Königswinter Foundation

The Königswinter Stiftung was founded in 1995 by Professor Marcus Bierich, former Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Robert-Bosch GmbH. The Foundation aims to deepen the partnership between Britain and Germany within the framework of a united Europe as well as to promote the work of the Deutsch-Britische Gesellschaft. The Foundation's returns on the capital invested are allocated to finance projects of the Gesellschaft.

Chairman of the Board 
Dr. Bernd-Albrecht von Maltzan
Divisional Head of Private Wealth Management, Deutsche Bank AG

Named in honour of its initiator, the Marcus-Bierich-Lecture series was established in October 2002. Since then high-profile speakers have presented their positions on current issues of German-British relations:

2002 - Lord Dahrendorf held a talk on European models for order.

2003 - Dr. Wulf Bernotat, Chairman of the Board, E.ON AG spoke about the challenges faced by the European energy industry and energy policy.

2005 - Prof. Dr. Berthold Leibinger, Managing Partner of the TRUMPF-Gruppe in Stuttgart, held a lecture about "The Responsibility of the Entrepreneur in Our Society".

2007 - Dr. Klaus von Dohnanyi, former First Mayor of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg, lectured on  "Global Success and Regional Responsibility. Entrepreneurial Action in an Open World.“