Participants of Königswinter

The Joint British-German Steering Committee decides on the topics of the following year’s conference several months in advance, taking into account current political and social trends. This also ensures that there is enough time to select and invite suitable participants.

The agenda covers topical issues, for example European integration, the future of the welfare state, the international economy, joint European defence policy or growing ethnic diversity and its implications for our societies. Working groups discuss allocated topics and report their results at the closing session. They will also be summarised and presented in the conference report. Please click here for a list of past years' reports.

Participants are selected by the Königswinter Steering Committee, and invited by Königswinter UK, respectively by the Deutsch-Britische Gesellschaft, the organising bodies of the Conference. Moreover, the organisers gladly accept nominations of suitable candidates by former attendees, our partners and other stakeholders in public life. We will consider these recommendations depending on the candidates’ professional profiles and the conference themes.

Over the past decades, it has proven useful to maintain a mix of “newcomers” and experienced participants with the aim of maintaining the spirit of Königswinter as well as promoting novel connections.

If you would like to submit a nominee, please contact Lucie Kretschmer, Conference Manager: kretschmer(at)debrige(dot)de