Themes of Königswinter

The 66th Königswinter Conference took place in Oxford on 7-9 April 2016 under the title

"New Challenges for Europe: A fork in the Road for UK and Germany?"


Topics for the Königswinter Conference 2016

Group 1. Where is Europe going: Integration or Disintegration - or both?

  • How do the Eurozone and Schengen challenges move forward?
  • Can the European project withstand a temporary Greek exit and return; or a temporary reimposition of internal borders without fracturing the whole design?
  • Can we develop a more capable European defence operation absent a more massive Russian provocation? What are our key security challenges from new technologies?
  • How would the EU develop if the UK left? And if it stayed?

Group 2. Democracy, demography and demagogues.

  • How has the impact of grass roots opinion affected government decisions on the migration issue? Are the real-world pressures to integrate running up against political pressures to return to the Nation State?
  • Are our respective political systems (including German federalism) fit for purpose in handling the latest phenomenon of mass migration?
  • Is the migration challenge - Schengen borders; integration of new arrivals; free movement - as fundamental for European progress as the Eurozone crisis? Is it offering outsiders (Russia, Turkey) scope to meddle?
  • Is migration the key issue underlying British hesitation on Europe? How would the EU develop if the UK left? And if it stayed?

Group 3. The future of Europe in the wider world.

  • Can the EU develop policies to manage the "ring of fire" from the Middle East to Russia and Eastern Europe?
  • Will we improve Europe's internal competitiveness (energy, digital services, markets) to cope with external opportunities and new technologies, and the competitive pressure from Asia and USA?
  • Are the UK and Germany really in tune on the EU's external trade and economy agenda, including TTIP?
  • How would the EU's place in the world evolve if the UK left the EU? And if it stayed?