BREXIT and the British party system: Implications on EU-UK negotiations

29. January 2018 18:00

Dr Jan Eichhorn and Dr Garvan Walshe

The referendum on the question of leaving the European Union seems to have shaken up the British political landscape and especially its political parties. The Brexit question has created sharp lines of conflict within British society, but also within the main political parties. At the same time, remainers as well as Brexiteers have formed cross-party alliances. The unstable political situation in the UK contributes to the already existing insecurity about the British negotiating position vis-à-vis the EU.

Dr Garvan Walshe, CEO of “Brexit Analytics”, and Dr Jan Eichhorn, Research Director of “d|part” will shed some light on these dynamics and struggles, both within and among the British political parties which have resulted in and followed the Brexit vote: Where do Tories and Labour currently stand on Brexit? What does the British public think? How stable is Theresa May’s government? How do the internal party struggles affect the UK’s negotiating position in the Brexit talks?

Hosts and moderation: Dr Jana Puglierin, DGAP, and Dr Rupert Graf Strachwitz, DeBriGe.

This event is co-organized by Deutsch-Britische Gesellschaft and Deutsche Gesellschaft für Auswärtige Politik (DGAP).


Dr Jan Eichhorn is the Research Director of the Berlin-based think tank d|part and a lecturer in Social Policy at the University of Edinburgh. He has undertaken extensive research into political attitudes and political participation in the UK, Germany and comparatively across various EU member states. Having looked at the impact of the Scottish independence referendum, multiple UK and Scottish elections and Brexit, he has been able to contribute widely to print and broadcasting media and has been advising government, business and third sector bodies.

Dr Garvan Walshe is CEO of Brexit Analytics. A former national and international security policy adviser to the British Consevative Party, Dr Walshe was a senior advisor to the Conservatives IN pro-EU campaign. He advises corporates and politicians on Brexit and is a regular contributor to CNN. He holds a PhD from the University of Manchester and has been a Max Weber fellow at the European University Institute.