The Life of Prince Philip

15. November 2022 19:00

Mark Wilkins

This talk for the Deutsch-Britische Gesellschaft Bonn will take us on a journey through both the life of Prince Philip and the history of 20th Century Europe. A member of the Danish Royal Family descended directly from Queen Victoria, Philip was born in Greece but spent his childhood in France and Germany. With his marriage to the Queen in 1947 he was made a British Prince the day before their wedding and remained at her side until his death last year at the age of 99. As an ever-steady presence at the Queen’s side it is hard to imagine him as anything other than British.

Mark Wilkins will take us on an entertaining journey through the life of Prince Philip, detailing his surprisingly unconventional background and focusing in particular on how Philip saw his own nationality. When once asked how he felt, he replied that he didn’t consider himself to be British at all.

Mark Wilkins was born in Hove, England and grew up on the south coast. He studied History and Geography at King’s College, London before heading to Germany to learn the language. Planning to stay as long as it took to master German grammar, he is still doing his best 15 years later and lives in Düsseldorf enriching the DBG Düsseldorf Board.

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