Conflict, Culture and the Art of Peacemaking in the 21st Century: Why German Soft Power and Scottish Small Nation Diplomacy Matters

24. Mai 2018 18:00

Mark Muller Stuart QC

What does it take to make peace in the 21st Century? Since 9/11 we have seen not just the emergence of new non-state mediators, but also a range of innovative NGOs in the diplomatic, humanitarian, artistic, and cultural diplomacy sectors – who in one way or another have all entered the 21st century conflict environment to fundamentally alter it. Mark Muller Stuart QC explores the importance of soft power and cultural diplomacy and the role small nations such as Scotland can play in confronting and resolving conflict around the world.

Mark Muller Stuart QC is a Professor in Practice at the London School of Economics Institute of Global Affairs, and currently acts as a Senior Mediation Advisor to the UN Department of Political Affairs and the UN Special Envoy to Syria in the Syrian peace talks. Prior to taking the UN post he advised numerous international bodies on conflict resolution, mediation, confidence-building, ceasefires, power-sharing, humanitarian law, constitution making and dialogue processes and acted as a Senior Advisor to the Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue (Geneva), Beyond Conflict (Boston) and Inter-Mediate (London).

He has first-Hand experience of Track 1 and 2 negotiations between governments and armed groups and has worked in a number of conflict zones including in Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, Libya, Syria,Gerogia, Ukraine and southern Africa. He is also the founder of Beyond Borders – a Scottish initiative dedicated to fostering peace and international understanding through cultural dialogue and co-founder of the Delfina Foundation. Beyond Borders believes that Scotland has a distinctive contribution to make in the field of conflict resolution, and endeavours to create a space for the sharing of ideas and experiences, working across a diverse range of mediums including dialogue, literature, performing and visual arts, heritage, and film.

As a senior advocate he has brought numerous human rights and rule of law test cases before the UK courts as well as the European Court of Human Rights and European Court of Justice. Between 2006-12 he acted as Chair of the Bar Human Rights Committee and then Chair of the Rule of Law Group (2012-15) for the Bar Council of England and Wales. He is a graduate of the London School of Economics, a fellow of Harvard Law School and member of the Scottish Faculty of Advocates in Edinburgh and Doughty Street Chambers in London. His most recent book Storm in the Desert: Britain’s Intervention in Libya and the Arab Spring, published by Birlinn, is available on Amazon. Information is also here.

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