Memory and Age : What We Remember and What We Forget

26. November 2020 18:00

Prof. Mary Evans

Mary Evans will speak on the general theme of ‘Memory and Age : what we remember and what we forget’. This is in part obviously her personal reflections but it also involves a more generally interesting discussion of the way in which our memories of the past have both resonance and relevance for all our lives. Mary Evans will also use some autobiographical works as well to illustrate the ways in which people remember the past.

Biographical Notes:
Mary Evans is currently an Emeritus Leverhulme Professor at the London School of Economics. She has been an academic for some decades ( almost five ) and has taught and worked at universities in both the UK and the United States. Her main discipline has been Sociology but within that she has written on gender, biography and autobiography, Jane Austen, Simone de Beauvoir and most recently detective fiction.
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