Windrush, Brexit, Australia’s Senate and the Irish Border: Imperial Subjecthood Meets the Modern Nation-State

26. September 2019 19:00

Prof. Dr. Andreas Fahrmeir

A number of recent developments have drawn attention to peculiarities of British citizenship and migration policies: the gradual transition from Imperial to national citizenships, the complex links between post-imperial citizenship(s) and political rights in various jurisdictions, and the gaps in immigration documents. These issues emerged in different contexts and have occurred from Ireland to Australia. They are closely linked, however, by the historical trajectories of legal definitions of a British subject from 1608 on the one hand and decisions in favour of cost-effective and pragmatic immigration control practices on the other. Both are being challenged by the current transition to a different model of citizenship in post-Brexit Britain, as well as in some Commonwealth countries. The talk will explore how this situation came about and what could result from it.

Andreas Fahrmeir is professor of modern history at Goethe University, Frankurt am Main. He received his PhD from the University of Cambridge in 1997 and his Habilitation from Frankfurt in 2001. Previous career stages include a senior research fellowship at the German Historical Institute, London, time as an associate with McKinsey & Company, a Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft Heisenberg-Fellowship and a professorship of 19th and 20th-century history at the University of Cologne. His research focusses on the history of citizenship and migration policies and on general European history. His recent publications include Citizenship: The Rise and Fall of a Modern Concept (New Haven, 2007); Die Deutschen und ihre Nation: Geschichte einer Idee (Ditzingen, 2017); and (co-ed. with Gunter Hellmann and Miloš Vec) The Transformation of Foreign Policy. Drawing and Managing Boundaries from Antiquity to the Present (Oxford, 2016).

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