“A Talk on the Wild Side!” BBC Producer Julian Dismore reveals what it’s like filming undercover documentaries, death defying stunts and dangerous animals all over the world.

16. April 2024 19:00

Julian Dismore

Julian Dismore
Award winning TV Documentary Producer

British Television Producer and Author Julian Dismore has directed numerous TV and Hollywood stars in his primetime series for broadcasters including BBC1, Discovery, Animal Planet, National Geographic and Netflix. He has travelled the world making wildlife, police and undercover documentaries and experienced many incredible adventures on the way.
In his talk he shows clips from his programmes and photographs from his career. He has had numerous life endangering incidents and reveals the challenges making TV in the toughest environments. In showbusiness they say never work with children and animals- Julian has done both at the same time and has the emotional scars to prove it!
Whilst filming, Julian was bitten by a king cobra, fell off the volcano Krakatoa and experienced a terrorist attack in Mumbai. He had a big fall out with Hollywood icon Burt Reynolds and risked life and limb as a stand in stunt man for a BBC crime series. Hear these amazing true stories and many more in this captivating talk.
As well as being a TV Producer and Media Skills Trainer, Julian Dismore is an accomplished public speaker. He gives talks about his amazing life experiences making documentaries broadcast to millions of people. His compelling anecdotes have captivated packed audiences of over a thousand passengers on cruises. He’s also delivered after dinner speeches to MPs in the British House of Commons. His engaging presentations feature audience interaction, quizzes and humour – and include a stunt fighting demonstration!
After the talk you are invited to a drink