Please find below a list of institutions and organisations engaged in British-German and international relations and/or cooperating with the Deutsch-Britische Gesellschaft:

Political Organisations

UK Parliament

For information on British parliamentarism, a register of all MPs and links to the House of Common and the House of Lords, please click here.

Deutsche Botschaft London / German Embassy in London

Auswärtiges Amt / German Federal Foreign Office

Britische Botschaft Berlin / British Embassy Berlin

Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung

The German Federal Agency for Political Education offers a diverse seminar and publication programme.

German Bundestag

The English pages of German Parliament provide information on German governance, the country's involvement in international politics and a register of all MPs.

Economic & Trade Associations

British Chamber of Commerce in Germany (EN)

For German-British related economic issues or questions, the British Chamber of Commerce in Germany is a central point of contact and service provider for businesses and the self-employed.

Deutsch-Britische Industrie- und Handelskammer / German-British Chamber of Industry & Commerce (DE)

The Chamber of Commerce arranges business contacts and provides information and advice to businesses from both countries.

German Industry UK (EN)

The German Industry UK (GIUK) is an association of German industrial companies that aims at promoting business contacts between German and British companies.

Deutsch-Englische Ärztevereinigung e.V. (DE) / Anglo-German Medical Society (EN)

The Anglo-German Medical Society (AGMS) organises scientific and practical exchanges between German and British doctors and medical scientists.

Cultural & Historical Organisations

British Council (DE)

The British Council is UK’s international organisation for education and cultural relations.

Deutsche Sullivan-Gesellschaft e.V. (DE)

The Deutsche Sullivan-Gesellschaft is a society that promotes the dissemination and understanding of the complete works of the English musician Arthur Sullivan (1842-1900) within the German-speaking area.

Deutsches Historisches Institut in London / German Historical Institute London (EN)

The German Historical Institute London (GHIL) carries out independent academic research on the following subjects: modern history, the comparative history of Germany and Great Britain, the British Empire/Commonwealth and British-German relations.

UK in LE (DE)

The UK in LE gives an overview of all English-language events in Leipzig such as cinema showings, literary events, theatre shows, public Events and exhibitions. The website is joint project from the Leipzig University’s English Department and Library as well as from the German-British Society.

The British Scholar Society (EN)

The British Scholar Society is a global organisation of historians and political scientists examining Britain’s interactions with the wider world from the seventeenth century to the present day. An important focus of the society is the study of the British Empire and the Commonwealth of Nations.

Cultural Diplomacy & Discusion Forums

UK meets Germany (EN)

Twice a year, the Institute for Cultural Diplomacy organises “The Young Leaders Forums – The UK meets Germany” as well as an annual German-British conference with renowned speakers from both countries.

Wilton Park (EN)

Wilton Park, an international conference centre, hosts the annual British-German Forum that brings together young German and British "high-flyers" to discuss European and International affairs.

Bridge International Dialogue (EN)

Bridge ID is an association established by Alumni of the Young Königswinter Conference and the Wilton Park British German Forum Conference. It is a forum for young professionals to debate global challenges, raise awareness, shape public agendas and foster mutual understanding beyond national boundaries.

British-German Association (EN)

The BGA aims at strengthening the understanding between the people of Britain and Germany by organising a wide range of cultural and educational events. They also seek to enhance British pupils' willingness to learn German by promoting school twinning and exchange visits.

German-British Forum

The German-British Forum is a network of various institutions, companies and private persons from politics, economy, science and the media that promotes a British-German dialogue.


This website is a useful holiday guide. Its route planner, itineraries and informative descriptions of the various regions and cities help tourists to plan their trip to Germany.


Visit Britain is an interactive website from the British Tourist Authority that provides information about holiday destinations, transport and accommodation in Great Britain.

Language Learning & Cultural Exchange

The Voyage (EN)

The Voyage website provides comprehensive information on British-German Youth Exchange Programmes.

Spotlight (DE)

Spotlight is a magazine for English language learners.

Pädagogischer Austauschdienst (DE)

The Pädagogischer Austauschdienst (PAD)’s website gives detailed information about their various international school exchange programmes, which are funded by the German Federal States.

Deutsche Welle (DE)

The German international broadcasting service offers a package of programmes for radio, television and the internet. The site provides a section on current affairs, primarily focused on German internal and external politics, German learning and teaching services as well as information on German culture, lifestyle and student exchange.

Education & Research

International Schools in Germany (EN)

This website provides information on international schools in Germany, in which school pupils are taught through the medium of English.

Goethe Institut (DE) / Goethe Institut (EN)

The Goethe Institute has institutes in London, Manchester and Glasgow. They provide German language classes, teacher training, libraries and a variety of cultural events such as German theatre performances, art exhibitions, etc.

British Council (DE)

The British Council is UK’s international organisation for education and cultural relations.

Institute for German Studies (University of Birmingham) (EN)

The Institute for German Studies is an interdisciplinary research institute, co-founded in 1994 by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) and the University of Birmingham.

Institut für Anglistik und Amerikanistik (Universität Potsdam) (DE)

The Department of English and American Studies at the University of Potsdam

Institut für Englische Philologie (Freie Universität Berlin) (DE)

The Institute for English Language and Literature at the Freie Universität Berlin

Department of English and American Studies (Humboldt Universität zu Berlin) (EN)

Centre for British Studies Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin (EN)

Interdisciplinary teaching and research institute that offers the postgraduate degree programme 'Master in British Studies'.

Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst (DAAD) (DE) / German Academic Exchange Service (EN)

The German Academic Exchange Service funds, among various other projects, foreign academics' research in Germany.

Freunde der London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) (DE) / German Friends of LSE (EN)

Anglo-German Foundation for the Study of Industrial Society (EN)

The Anglo-German Foundation (AGF) contributed to policy-making in Britain and Germany by funding bilateral research and discussions regarding economic and social issues relevant to both countries. It finished its active work in 2009.

Arbeitskreis Deutsche England-Forschung / German Association for the Study of British History and Politics (DE)

The Association is comprised of historians and political scientists who research and/or teach about Britain, the Empire and the Commonwealth.

Media & Journalism

Internationale Journalisten-Programme (DE) / International Journalists' Programme (EN)

IJP supports journalists with scholarships, multilateral conferences, information trips and press talks.
The IJP's "George Weidenfeld Bursary" - British-German Programme gives five British and five German journalists the opportunity to work in the other country.

Deutsche Welle (DE)

The German international broadcasting service offers a package of programmes for radio, television and the internet. The site provides a section on current affairs, primarily focused on German internal and external politics, German learning and teaching services as well as information on German culture, lifestyle and student exchange.

Immigration & Living Abroad

Informationen des Bundesverwaltungsamt für Auswanderer nach Großbritannien (DE)

This link provides a list of official websites on the following topics:
General information about the UK
Entry, Residence and Registration
Imports and Customs
Social Affairs and Health Care
Vehicle registration and ownership
Consular assistance
Legal assistance

UK nationals in the EU: what you need to know (EN)

The above link pertains current and official information of the rights and statues of UK nationals living and travelling in the European Union.

British in Germany (EN)

British in Germany represents the interests of British citizens who live and work in Germany. The group plays close attention to how Brexit will affect their lives.

Deutsche in London (DE)

An internet platform that pertains many useful links for Germans living in London.

the3million (EN)

A non-profit organisation and support Network, which campaigns to safeguard and guarantee the rights of EU citizens in the UK and British citizens in other EU member states after Brexit.

Deutsche Botschaft London (DE) / German Embassy in London (EN)

Britische Botschaft Berlin (DE) / British Embassy Berlin (EN)

Other (EN)

Serves as an 'encyclopaedia' on many aspects of life in Germany (health, education, politics, arts, the media, and many more).

Hannoversch-Britische Gesellschaft

The Hannoversch-Britische Gesellschaft founded in 1982 cultivates the historic Hanoverian-British relations that have existed for over three centuries.

Prinz-Albert-Gesellschaft e.V. (DE)

The society is dedicated to researching German-British relations in science, research, culture and politics. The society was named after Queen Victoria’s German husband, who was committed to research and culture in the UK.

Royal Louise, Yacht-und Schifffahrtsverein zu Potsdam e.V. (DE)

The Royal Louise, Yacht- und Schiffahrtsverein zu Potsdam society aims to preserve and keep the miniature frigate the “Royal Louise” in working order. The vessel was a gift from the English King William IV to the Prussian royal family in 1831.

Trautmann Foundation (DE)

The Foundation honours the German goalkeeper Bernd Trautmann, who despite suffering a broken neck during the Manchester City v Birmingham City football match in 1956, carried on playing until the end of the match. Thus, he became a British legend.