A Jew who defeated Nazism: Herbert Sulzbach’s Peace, Reconciliation and a new Germany

26. September 2023 19:00

Ainslie Hepburn

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Ainslie Hepburn:
“A Jew who defeated Nazism: Herbert Sulzbach’s Peace, Reconciliation and a new Germany”

Tuesday, 26 September 2023 at 7 pm
Goethe Museum, Schloß Jägerhof, Jacobistrasse 2

Herbert Sulzbach was a fairly „ordinary“ person who successfully changed the lives of thousands of people at the end of the Second World War. Working with German prisoners of war in Britain – some of them high-ranking officers – he made a remarkable contribution to post-war Anglo-German reconciliation and friendship. As a German officer in the First World War, he fought for his country with courage and patriotism. In the Second World War, he fought in the British army against Nazism, and helped German prisoners to return to their homeland to rebuild a new Germany. His personal qualities of empathy were crucial to his work and the important relationships that made this possible. He was awarded nine medals from six different heads of state during his lifetime.

Ainslie Hepburn is a writer, historian and tutor who specializes in the social history of „ordinary“ people during the Second World War. She has a first-class honours degree from the Open University and has tutored adult students at the Workers‘ Educational Association. She is a thorough and deep researcher in both official and rare sources, including oral history. Her work has previously been published in the Journal of the George Bell Institute and in Kirchliche Zeitgeschichte.


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