Escaping Nazi Germany, British Initiatives to aid German Academics

24. September 2019 19:00

Dr. I. Steinisch

Irmgard Steinisch is Professor Emerita and Senior Scholar from York University in
Toronto, Canada, where she taught German History for 25 years. Her publications
concentrate on the socio-political aspects of industrialization in Germany and the
United States, as well as on the interwar period. Her career got started with an Abitur
from the Albert-Krupp-Gymnasium in Essen. She continued on to the Ruhr
Universität Bochum and then the Freie Universität Berlin where she completed her
Staatsexamen. After she had spent some years as Graduate Student and Research
Assistant at the University of California Berkeley, she received her doctorate in
Modern History from the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München. After assistant
positions in München and Berlin she emigrated to Toronto, Canada.

“If I had to title it again, I would title my lecture „Hitler’s Gift to England“ to describe
the mass exodus of German scholars of all disciplines after the Nazi seizure of power
in 1933. In reality, however, it was not only a gift to England, but rather to the wider
world, especially to the United States of America. In both cases, the movement of
émigré scholars was facilitated by special volunteer organizations, among them and
most important the British Academic Assistance Concil and the American Emergency
Committee In Aid of Displaced Foreign Scholars.-The lecture will outline the policies
of British aid organizations and the formidable task of their relief and relocation
program without financial aid from government.”


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