Masculinities of Covid-19? Gender Ideologies from Brexit to Covid-19

22. October 2020 18:00

Prof. Roberta Guerrina

This presentation explores the links between austerity, Brexit and the UK government’s response to COVID-19. Specifically, it looks at the way in which COVID-19 has compounded and expanded the impact of austerity policies and Brexit on the UK gender regimes. It starts with the following question: are there links in the government’s response between austerity, Brexit and COVID-19? What can we learn from the government response to the latest crisis about its ideology of gender and its implication for future transformations of the UK gender regime. While the issue of care has risen in the public consciousness during lockdown, care has not been re-valued in policy. The population has celebrated the efforts of key workers, especially health and care workers during the crisis. Is this therefore a moment in which caring and care work become revalued? Or is the inevitable economic downturn going to speed up a return to a private gender regime?

Roberta Guerrina is Professor in Politics and Director of the Gender Research Centre at the University of Bristol. She is a specialist in the politics of gender, with a particular interest in EU politics and social policy, citizenship and gender equality. She has published in the area of women’s human rights, work-life balance, identity politics and the UNSCR 1325. She is author of Mothering the Union (Manchester University Press, 2005) and Europe: History, Ideas and Ideologies (Arnold, 2002). Her work has appeared in the Journal of Common Market Studies, International Affairs, Women’s Studies International Forum, and Review of International Studies. She was work-package coordinator on the European Commission FP7 Funded Project exploring Processes Influencing Democratic Ownership and Participation, looking at policy instruments aimed at increasing the political participation of traditionally marginal groups. Her research has been funded by the EU, the Economic and Social Research Council and DSTL. Finally, she is joint editor of the Journal Common Market Studies Annual Review.

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