Queen Elizabeth II: Die Macht der Bilder

24. February 2022 18:00

Dr. Ulrike Grunewald

Queen Elizabeth’ discipline is legendary, her popularity among the people great. The Queen has always had to reconcile her life with the duties of the Crown and embody the stability of the Royal House in public. She has always mastered these tasks with aplomb.
Her father was still Emperor of India and represented an Empire that encompassed a quarter of the world’s population. The young Princess Elizabeth witnessed one crown colony after another reaching independence. She witnessed the beginning and flowering of the Commonwealth of Nations, which replaced the Empire and of which the British Monarch is still the head today. On February 06, 2022, Queen Elizabeth II will celebrate her 70th anniversary on the throne. Dr. Ulrike Grunewald will look back on the monarch’s reign in pictures.
Elizabeth Windsor is considered as dutiful, humorous, and steadfast. “She has something timeless,” judges royal expert Robert Hardman. In the lives of the British, she is the symbol of continuity. She is particularly in demand in times of great crisis, as now in the Corona pandemic. For example, she reports on her experiences with the vaccination in a video clip and recommends that her compatriots do the same. One should think of others, not so much of oneself. This is advice that she may have given to her renegade grandson Harry, who has now finally left the Royal Family. Whatever storms are still to come for the aged monarch, whatever revelations she must digest, and whatever changes she must bring about – the British wish her strength. For the nation, it is hard to imagine anyone else wearing Britain’s Crown. “She’s like Big Ben: just there,” notes Robert Hardman.

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Ulrike Grunewald studied journalism, German language and literature, and psychology at Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz, graduating with a master’s degree. From 1977 on, she worked as a freelancer in the ZDF “heute” editorial department. In 1984, she completed a traineeship at ZDF, then became an editor in the main news department and worked as a reporter and co-presenter on “heute-journal” from 1987. In 1987, she accompanied Prince Charles and Princess Diana on their visit to Germany as a reporter for ZDF. In 1993, she became a presenter and editor on ZDF’s “Mittagmagazin”. In 2000 she moved to the main editorial department for domestic politics, and since 2004 she has worked in the Zeitgeschehen editorial department, which produces documentaries for the primetime slot ZDFzeit. In 2012, Ulrike Grunewald completed her doctorate at the University of Mainz on the topic of “Luise von Sachsen-Coburg-Saalfeld (1800-1831)”, the mother of the British Prince Consort Albert.
As an author and editor, Ulrike Grunewald created time-critical TV documentaries that attracted attention for their style and analysis, such as “Die Wilden Siebziger – Träume, Trotz und Terror” and “2030 – Aufstand der Jungen.” Films on German-German history followed. In 2009, ZDF broadcast the three-part series “Die Windsors”. Since then, Ulrike Grunewald has specialized in journalistic and historical reappraisal of the history of the British Royal family.


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