Sustainability and Peace as fundamental issues of justice

15. August 2023 19:00

Prof. Prathivadi

Every city now wants to be something– a green city, a smart city, a peaceful city, a happy city and so on. The quest for peace is perhaps part of human condition. In every society, the goal of peace is almost a constant. However, we know it is quite elusive.

Over the last fifty years, a similar quest for sustainability has emerged. Now these twin goals inform policy-making at every level from global to local levels. For example, the 17 Sustainable Development Goals with the aim of ‚leaving no one behind‘ by 2030 include Goal 16 which speaks of ’peace, justice and strong institutions‘. In this lecture, my aim is to unpack some of the complexities of realising sustainability and peace with evidence from my analysis of global trends. I want to highlight some contradictions, puzzles and possible ways forward and how higher education institutions and departments like mine can play a role in informing societies and promoting a dialogue. I would also highlight what civil society institutions and individual citizens can do.

Professor Prathivadi Anand is Professor of Public Policy and Sustainable Development and since February 2019 also the Head of the Department of Peace Studies and International Development, which is celebrating its Golden Jubilee Year at the University of Bradford. He has published numerous papers in journals, amongst others on human right to water, on river water disputes, and most recently on smart and sustainable cities. He contributed to several studies for The United Nations Development Programme on Sustainable Development.

Prof. Anand has held various leadership positions including the Head of Centre for International Development at Bradford (2010-2015). He is presently on the council of The British Association for South Asian Studies. He has won many awards for his teaching excellence and outstanding support for students.

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