Vorstellung der zwei preisgekrönten Masterarbeiten 2016/17 am Institut für Anglistik und Amerikanistik der Heinrich-Heine Universität

18. January 2018 19:00

After a short introduction by Dr. H. Dorgeloh, senior lecturer in English linguistics, who has published widely on English grammar and is vice president of the HHU Senate, Christopher Felix Bischoff will present his thesis
“War des Geredes kein Ende oder gab es viel Getuschel? Eine kontrastive Analyse zweier Übersetzungen von Tolkiens „Herr der Ringe: Die Gefährten“
His thesis combines insights from contemporary translation theory with an empirical investigation of the first volume of Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings.

After a short introduction by Dr. Erchinger, lecturer in English literature at HHU, who specializes in nineteenth century poetry and prose, the intellectual history of the arts and sciences and, increasingly, the ecology of literary work and whose most recent book Artful Experiments is due to appear in 2018,
Teresa Krull will present her thesis “Shaping Nature –Wordsworth, Clare, Morris”
Her thesis offers an engaging and inspiring contribution to current debates in literary ecocriticism and environmental thought. Combining close reading and theoretical work, it explores the various ways in which ‘nature’, certainly one of the most complex and colourful concepts in any language, is made to appear in and through poems and prose texts by William Wordsworth, John Clare, and William Morris.


After the lecture you will be invited to a drink.


Goethe Museum
Schloß Jägerhof
Jacobistraße 2
40211 Düsseldorf


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