Topics of the Königswinter Conference

Group 1

The West after BREXIT: Responsibilities of UK and Germany
  1. Where will Britain and Germany be in 5 years? What interests and values will drive our mutual relationship?
  2. How will leadership in Europe evolve, faced with tectonic shifts in the world? Sketch the Germany /France /UK matrix going forward.
  3. To what extent is the quality of the transatlantic partnership changing? Is this a values debate, or one of mutual interest?
  4. What is the potential for UK and Germany to act at a global level?

Group 2

The impact of BREXIT in times of disruptive changes in the economy
  1. Are business and government preparing adequately for the digital economy? What is the learning experience of both countries and how can they cooperate?
  2. Post-BREXIT, will both UK and EU remain open, non-protectionist economies?
  3. What is the impact of Artificial Intelligence, Robotisation, Data analytics for society and how should the policy framework adapt and respond?
  4. What is the future of work?
  5. Is the impact of migration net positive or net negative in UK/Germany?

Group 3

Citizens and the state – defining a new relationship
  1. Is the compact between citizens and state broken? What delivery systems will meet the citizens’ values and needs?
  2. Is fissiparous nationalism changing the multilateral order? What new identities does the 21st century produce? How can we safeguard the rules-based system?
  3. How do dramatically changing societies share values?
  4. How can we keep societal bridges open and build new ones to keep the networks and informal alliances alive after Brexit? How do we avoid misperception?

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