The latest news from the Young Königswinter Alumni

A few weeks ago, the YKWA held its Annual Assembly in Berlin. There were some goodbyes, Holger Friedrich and Annegret Kummert who have headed the YKWA board since its official registration, have stepped down from their positions. They are succeeded by Annika Müller de Vries and Birgit Bujard.

The current Young Königswinter Alumni Board Members are:
Annika Müller de Vries (Chairwoman)
Dr. Birgit Bujard (Deputy Chairwoman)
Robert Delille (Secretary)
Hannes Christoph Bächle (Treasurer)
Hendrik Hagemann (Assessor)
Thomas Motak (Assessor)

The YKWA’s webpage is currently being updated and aims at providing more information on any planned activity.

The YKWA  will utilise communication channels to stay better in touch with its members, to start and organise new activities and events, and to share stories, news and thoughts. In addition to the webpage, they will try to use the LinkedIn and Facebook groups more often.
Furthermore, the YKWA aims to organise another YKWA conference.

If your contact details have changed, then please let the YKWA know. You can do so by clicking here