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Comprehensive survey on UK attitudes towards Germany published

Copyright: Andrew Grauman

The German Embassy in the United Kingdom has commissioned a survey on the attitude toward Germany among the UK public. The study offers key findings to understand where the UK public stands in terms of the economic and strategic cooperation between the two countries.
The survey, carried out by Deltapoll, suggests that a vast majority of the UK population with 65% hold positive opinions of Germany, while 16% of the people have less interest in Germany overall. The findings also suggest that most of the people consider Germany as an important international partner of the UK, second non-English speaking country after France. With 48%, nearly half of the respondents believe that the UK has a close partnership with Germany, even though a third of the participants think the relationship between Germany and the UK deteriorated since Brexit. Overall, there seems to be strong support for the UK and Germany to work more closely together in the future.

An executive summary of the survey can be found here.
Further information on the survey can be found on the German Embassy London website.