A Report from Königswinter: Some Observations and Comments on the Königswinter Conference held in London on 9th December, 2022

28. February 2023 19:30

Tej Parikh, The Financial Times

The Königswinter Conference is organized by the Deutsch-Britische Gesellschaft and the UK Koenigswinter Committee since its inception in 1950. For more information on past conferences, you can refer to our website www.debrige.de. The 2022 Königswinter Conference, which had to be postponed due to the demise of Queen Elizabeth, took place at Lancaster House in London on December 9th. The title of the conference was “Protecting security, prosperity and our values in a world that is being transformed”. 80 Germans and Brits gathered to discuss topics such as the invasion of Ukraine, defence spending, energy security and net zero, as well as globalisation, trade and technology. The German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock and the British Foreign Secretary James Cleverly were both scheduled to attend, but Minister Baerbock’s plane was delayed by snow at Dublin airport.

Tej Parikh, who attended the conference and who is also an alumnus of the Young Königswinter Conference, will give us his impressions from the conference in accordance with the “Chatham House Rule”.

Tej Parikh is the Financial Times’s economics leader writer. Before joining the FT he was a director of economics at Fitch Ratings and chief economist at the Institute of Directors. He has also written for numerous international outlets on issues covering global affairs and public policy.

The event will be held in English and chaired by Rupert Graf Strachwitz, Vice Chairman, Deutsch-Britische Gesellschaft.

Please join the event by using this link: (No prior registration required!)