Magical gardens, splendid manor houses and holy ritual stone circles – a travel through Englands Southwest

21. November 2019 19:00

Anne Schmid-Stampfer

The outmost Southwest of Great Britain was always a site of special events of English history. The prehistoric stonehenges and menhirs, the historical mines of Cornwall and the Victorian Manor houses and gardens are examples which allow us a manifold insight into Englands history.
On our fototour round the counties Somerset, Devon, Cornwall and Oxfordshire you will experience the flair of historical buildings. You will throw a glance at the wild romantic coast of Devon and Cornwall and you will immerse yourself in the legendary life of King Arthur. You will visit the blooming gardens of Victorian and Edwardian times, where gardeners established tropical flora from the far reaches of the British Empire in deeply carved fertile valleys.
A short excursion to Bath takes you on a journey to Roman Britan, where hot springs and mineral water provided health-giving waters. The sacred springs as a place to meet, to discuss business and to entertain and as a place to communicate with the presiding deity served as a site to perform a sacrifice to make shure the healing powers of the gods were at work.
With a trip to Oxford we will end our tour and we will look insight the College gardens and Botanical Garden, where generations of College students, teachers and gardeners cultivated valuable plants and created islands of beauty and floral abundance.

Anne Schmid-Stampfer – Biographical Notes:
– Studies: ethnology, politics and history of art at the University of Heidelberg
– Collaboration with Springer-Verlag Heidelberg (Scientific Documentation)
– University of Heidelberg Institute of Ethnology Scientific Associate: Communication between science and the media
Publication of articles and press releases for local and national media
– Extensive travel to the USA, Thailand, India, Nepal, South Africa, Egypt always looking for cultural and historical features; topics: Ancient cultures, religion, traditional cultures and their cultural heritage
– Publication of travel literature, subject: South Africa and the Southwest of the USA
– Love for travel photography
– Currently training as a tour guide at Heidelberg Marketing.

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