Quo Vadis the Labour Party and the Left

21. Februar 2020 19:00

Sean Shirley-Smith

Sean Shirley-Smith has been an active Labour Party member since 2017 and is the Class & Trade Union Officer at the Cambridge University Labour Club.
He is also in the Working Group of, and was a founding member of, the Leave-Fight-Transform Campaign, a group of grassroots activists, trade unionists and academics, who promote a left-wing vision of leaving the European Union, fighting neoliberalism, and transforming society into a socialist one.

As a socialist, working-class European he believes, especially following Brexit, that mutual understanding and an exchange of experiences between fellow Europeans is an
important part of the political process, and he thanks the DBG for enabling this discussion between Brits and their German friends.
He hopes to provoke a lively discussion by looking at these and other questions:
• Why did Labour lose so heavily in the General Election and to what extent did ‚Brexit‘ contribute?
• Who will win the Labour leadership contest?
• How will Boris Johnson’s government deal with Brexit?
• In Germany, if people consider their problems are due to the EU, and the Left fails to support them, how can they be persuaded not to turn to the AfD?
• Can a “social Europe” be built by the EU – or are the SPD and the mainstream in Die Linke party dishonest in promoting this?
• Was and is the EU a force for peace in Europe and beyond?