„Why was England’s Reformation not Lutheran?“

25. April 2019 19:00

Prof. Diarmaid MacCulloch

Martin Luther provoked a continent-wide Protestant Reformation by his actions in 1517, and the reaction to his stand against the Pope quickly affected even such marginal European regions as the kingdom of England. Yet the Reformation that won royal backing in England from the 1530s never went down the Lutheran path, and Lutheranism has been the only form of Protestantism not to find any native base in the British Isles. Why not? Professor Diarmaid MacCulloch explores this puzzle, which may throw some light on the puzzle of Englishness.

Diarmaid MacCulloch is Professor of the History of the Church, Oxford University. His “History of Christianity: the First Three Thousand Years” won the 2010 Cundill Prize; his latest television series was “Sex and the Church”. He was knighted in 2012. His biography of Thomas Cromwell appeared in 2018.

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