Angela Findlay – „In My Grandfather’s Shadow: How can we deal with a difficult past?“

23. November 2023 19:00

Angela Findlay

Biographical Note:
Angela Findlay is an Anglo-German artist, public speaker, and author. Her career included teaching art in prisons in Germany and later as Arts Co-ordinator for the London-based Koestler Arts charity. This work informed her years of research into her German roots and the intergenerational consequences of unresolved trauma and legacies of silence. For over a decade, she has been lecturing and writing on the topic as well as on post-war remembrance, resolution, and reconciliation. Her paintings have been widely exhibited in Britain and abroad.

An evening with Angela Findlay, who will present her recently published book “In My Grandfather’s Shadow / Im Schatten meines Großvaters”.
Based on the experiences of her Wehrmacht general grandfather who served on the Eastern Front and her German mother who fled Berlin as a child, she will explore the often hidden legacies of shame and guilt to demonstrate how subsequent generations of Germans are finding ways to come to terms with the shadow of their parents‘ and grandparents’ traumas and misdeeds in Nazi Germany and the Second World War.

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