Brexit – the view from Scotland and Northern Ireland

12. März 2019 19:00

Eamonn Butler

With the Brexit deadline of March 29th 2019 fast approaching, Eamonn Butler will address the challenges Brexit has created inside the UK. He will examine the various responses to the Brexit ‘terms of leaving agreement’ and the impact this and the 2-year negotiating period has had on the political landscape in the UK and the possibility of a real existential crisis for the UK linked to questions about the Irish border and Scottish independence.

Eamon Butler’s first lecture at the DBG was held in May 2017. When he was invited to give a follow up in two years’ time, doubts arose that the topic of “The Brexit” could still be of much interest – what an error!
Eamonn Butler knew that in the first place.

Dr Eamonn Butler is a Lecturer in Global Security & Central and East European Studies in Glasgow. Originally from Northern Ireland, Dr Butler has been based in Scotland for more than twenty years.

SPECIAL EXTRA: Before and after the Talk addressing the same issue

Toby Binder will present his photo book WEE MUCKERS about daily life of teenagers in Belfast – at different times between Peace Agreement and Brexit.

from 18:30 in the foyer