„Eve of Destruction – On the day Brexit is due, some personal views on what has gone wrong with politics in the UK and elsewhere“

29. März 2019 19:00

Andy Pelkiewicz

At the time of writing, Brexit is due to happen on the day of the talk.
Andy Pelkiewicz will give his personal views on political developments in the UK in the last 50+ years, culminating with what he feels is the approaching disaster of Brexit.
He will also make some comparisons with other countries, in particular Germany and the United States, and suggest what he feels has gone wrong in politics, and what he would like to happen in the future. He hopes that this will stimulate an interesting discussion.

Andy was born in Yorkshire and lived in England until his mid-50s, and moved to live in Heidelberg 9 years ago. Last year, he became a German citizen, though he has retained his British citizenship, and visits the UK often. He was an actuary by profession, and is now happily retired. He has no active involvement in politics, and this talk is based on his personal non-expert views. Politically, he would describe himself as
centre-left. As indicated by the title, he is strongly against Brexit.