Queen Victoria and Germany, travels with her Sketchbook

17. Mai 2018 19:00

Stephan Patterson

For nearly 50 years, from her first visit in 1845 to her last in 1894, Queen Victoria was a regular visitor to Germany travelling through the country with its variety of kingdoms and principalities staying with family in Berlin, Coburg, Darmstadt and elsewhere.
An accomplished amateur artist, the Queen recorded what she saw around her, her family, views, staff and servants in watercolours. She also commissioned artists to record sites that she visited in these years. From the 1850’s, photography was added to the tools with which she could remember her husband’s and wider family’s homes and families.

In this talk, Stephen Patterson from Royal Collection Trust will explore some of these journeys and the works of art in the Royal Collection, works both by the Queen herself and also some of those Queen Victoria commissioned as memories of Germany.