“You need not worry about my digestion – it is perfect.” Experiences and adventures of an Englishman in Dresden 1936/37

4. April 2018 19:30

In late August 1936, a young Englishman from Exeter started work at the Bellevue Hotel for a year’s internship. He regularly wrote letters home about his life in Dresden; these letters provide an insight into aspects of everyday life in Dresden from an outsider’s perspective. Some of it is hardly surprising (“Hotel full because of the Leipzig Fair“), other entries shed a light on how he perceives Germans (“I think carnival must be the one day in the year when the Germans get excited and make the police hot and bothered”), or give a general idea of life in Dresden (“Dresden is simply crawling with American tourists”).

We will have a look at these snippets from “way back when” and talk about any ensuing topic that may be of interest. And if you want to find out what is behind this strange allusion to “digestion” – come and join us! Entry is free – all are welcome!

The picture shows The Bellevue Hotel in the 1930s, from: http://www.altesdresden.de/