Levelling up British Cities– Brave New World or Old Wine in New Bottles?

21. April 2022 18:00

Andrew Carter

Cities matter to the performance of the British economy but too many of them punch below their economic weight. This is not a new or unique phenomenon. Some of Britain’s former industrial cities have been struggling for 50 years to adapt to the needs of a knowledge-driven economy. The current UK government, like many before it, has identified the spatial disparities between places in the UK as an economic (and social) problem that needs to be fixed. They have recently released a 400-page Levelling-up White Paper that sets out the nature of the problem and what the government will do to address it. This event will explore what the Levelling-up White Paper says, the extent to which it is ‘fit-for-purpose’, and the likelihood of success.

Andrew is the Chief Executive of the Centre (http://www.centreforcities.org/) and before that, he was the Deputy Chief Executive and Director of Policy and Research.
Andrew has over 20 years of experience working on urban economic policy working for public and private development agencies, consultants and research institutes. He has also spent time in the US as part of the Churchill Foundation’s Fellowship Programme reviewing urban economic development policy and practice in American cities including New York, Washington DC, Boston and Chicago.
He is a regular media contributor and chairs and speaks at conferences across the UK and Europe on a wide range of urban and economic issues.

In cooperation with the Urban Future Forum in Frankfurt

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